My day home is open from 7:30 AM until 6:00 PM.

I understand that things come up and traffic happens so I'm willing to be a bit flexible. However, parents who make a habit of being late will be charged $1/minute after 6 PM, paid in CASH at pick up.

*Parents are free to discuss hours with me on an individual basis and I'm willing to accommodate modified hours due to work, traveling time, etc.

My fee schedule is based on contracted hours, which are calculated using the formula proved by the Southgate Medallion Family Day Homes Agency:

(hours/day x days/week x 4.33 weeks/month = contracted hours)

Full-time (91 or more hrs/month): $800/month

ie. 5hrs/d x 5d/wk, 7hrs/d x 3d/wk        

Part-time (41-90 hrs/month): $450/month

ie. 4hrs/d x 5d/wk, 9hrs/d x 2d/wk

Before/after school care

Sept-June $450/month

July-August $800/month

Occasional (1-40 hrs/month):

 $10/hr/child up to 8 hrs ($45/day)

$15/hr for 2 children up to 8 hrs ($80/day)
Contracted hours are agreed and signed upon in advance and fees are based on our agreement. On occasion, I may be able to accommodate children on days not part of their contract or for extra hours, etc., however, I cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. If I feel this flexibility is being abused, additional fees will be charged for "extra" days.

I understand that each family is different and may be looking for a different level of care. Some occupations require parents to work odd hours, or to have an inconsistent schedule. If your family requires more unique, specific care, I'm willing to talk it through and come to an arrangement.

Tax receipts are issued to full-time and part-time families ONLY. 

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