It's been a while since I've taken the time to sit down and update my little blog project. Things are busy at my house! I've managed to meet/interview three sets of parents and toddlers and am really excited to welcome Matthew, Reuben, Jacob and Makyn come September. It looks like we'll have a house full of boys! James and I are really looking forward to a few more playdates this summer so we can get to know everyone better :)

Things are coming along really nicely for the fall. I spent a weekend in June completing my Standard First Aid and CPR-C training and now that I have a better idea about the age of my crew, I've been able to start putting together our program and menu. It's been a lot of work and I've definitely had to brush up on my nursery rhymes, stories and games. I'm a huge fan of toddlers, and pumped about all of the fun we're going to have. Now I just have to build up my arsenal of Raffi and Fred Penner CD's :) James and I finally got around to picking up our sandbox and we've also added some "housekeeping" toys to our playroom. He's been having a great time "shopping" with his own little shopping cart, cash register and plastic food. I've also been lucky enough to sample some of his "cooking".

The naptime/sleeping situation still needs to be worked out, as do the logistics of field trips and outings. On some days of the week, we may have just enough bums to fill car-seats in our Honda. I'm looking into some other options as far as strollers and wagons go, as our poor old Radio Flyer just might not cut it.

All in all, September is looking great. Having Matty over on Wednesdays has allowed me some time to figure out and ease into staying organized and on top of things. Two toddlers not only equals twice the fun, but also twice the chaos. I'm certainly going to need my super-mom pants when 4 or 5 little people come to play. I have a new memory card in my camera so I've been able to take some more recent photos of James and Matthew busy at play, inside and outside. I'm a horrible remember-er when it comes to posting new pictures and our play space is actually not an empy void anymore - I will update them this week for parents to browse.  As far as spaces go, I've filled up the majority of my openings, espeically for turkeys under 24 months. However, because most parents don't need care 5/5 days, I may have room for one or two more, depending on the days of the week (Mondays, Fridays and some Tuesdays, for example). I have one more mom to confirm days up with, and then a few others who have expressed interest for January/February. This is the hardest part of running a dayhome for me - although I'd love to have the space, energy, arms, legs and imagination to have everyone join our nest, now I'll have to toughen up and start to say no - or at least start a waitlist :)

Until next time...